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When you are about to embark on an outdoor adventure, one major consideration will be what footwear might be suitable. After all, it's not like we want our feet getting sweaty or anything! Well, let me tell ya there are some fine lines out there between hiking boots, but don't worry because I've done extensive research into this topic for those who may need help deciding which hiking boots/shoe will work best for their needs (and budget).

The first consideration should always revolve around how the length of the hike and the terrain of the hike - so think long-distance versus day hikes... This tells us whether durability is a major factor since many people who hike Following the steps below can simplify the process when choosing hiking boots:

  • Make sure your boots fit well. This is key to enjoying your hike and should be considered when planning for any trip outdoors. 

  • Hiking boots are generally more durable and stable than low-cut hiking shoes. Check out your terrain first. Is the trail flat or hilly? What kind of surface will you be walking on? A surface with lots of trip-rocks will probably require you to get a more stable upper like a high-cut boot instead of a shoe. 
    Some people think a pair of Athletic Shoes will be enough for most hikes. This might be true in some rare cases, but most of the time you will need a shoe or boot that can provide better support and durability. Even if a good sturdy pair of athletic shoes would work on a hike, you would destroy them after a few hikes.

  • There are many types of boots available, each with its own unique properties. You can choose from hiking shoes for those who want a lightweight shoe that offers minimal support and technology like the Merrill Women's Moab 2 Waterproof, or you could go all out with backpacking sturdier footwear equipped with advanced features like the Salomon QUEST 4 GORE-TEX to tackle rugged terrain like crampon hooks so your feet stay dry no matter what happens on the trail!

  • The difference between a good pair of hiking boots and an excellent one can be as simple as what's under the boot. Learning about some key features will help you find the perfect match that will keep you comfortable on any adventure you are on.

  • Hiking is a balancing act of weight versus support. It can be difficult to strike the right balance for any hiker, as more weight often leads you to fatigue but not being able to stand on your own two feet when something goes wrong also isn’t fun either!


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