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Top Rated Rock Climbing Harnesses

Updated: Jan 18

Making your first Harness purchase can be intimidating. As with shoes, rope, and other climbing gear, you will have a lot of choices and a few people telling you which ones they think are best. While I leave my accounting tasks with my accountant, a rock climbing harness is just too important to leave to the opinion of just anyone you might find on the Internet. Oops, that would be me, wouldn't it? Well, lucky for you I do this for a living so I'm not just anyone. Over the years I have developed relationships with world-renowned rock climbers, folks at REI, GearLab, Moosjaw, Mammut, BlackDiamond just to name a few. These guys know what they are talking about. My reviews are not just my own opinion from my experience, but I go a step further to ask the folks who are world-renowned experts. What's more, I've also been known to call up a person I saw on YouTube that impressed me with their knowledge of a piece of hiking or climbing gear and pick their brain for a blog post I was writing.

The featured harness for this post is the BlackDiamond Momentum climbing Harness. There are other top manufacturers like Petzl, ArcTeryx, Wild Country, Mammut, Misty Mountain, and Grivel, but most of the experts gave the nod for best all-around harness for beginners to the Momentum.


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