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The best Quickdraws

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

All rock climbers know the importance of being secure while traversing a rockface. Quickdraws connect your climbing rope to the protection bolts that secure you to the wall and to your other pieces of climbing gear. Quickdraws, also known as extenders, are safety equipment, and like any other piece of safety equipment, they, should be tested and their purpose should be thoroughly understood before use. There are several different types of quickdraws that are used for very specific purposes when climbing. We will discuss the differences in quickdraws in detail so you will know exactly how to pick the right one for your climbing needs.

Climbers use quickdraws to attach their rope to pieces of protection when lead climbing. A quickdraw consists of two carabiners connected by a textile sling. The skillful climber uses quickdraws to help keep the path of any ropes straight, avoiding sharp changes in rope direction. As a beginner climber, the first three things you must consider when buying quickdraws are:

  • What kind of carabiners you need

  • The Sling length you need

  • Quantity of carabiners you need

There are three different types of carabiner gates on quickdraws: Each has a different use.

  1. Straight: Very common gate on many quickdraws - features ease of use - best for beginners

  2. Bent: specific use for the rope end of the quickdraw

  3. Wireframe: lightweight

Length of the quickdraw (also called the "dogbone"). The dogbone connects two quickdraws together by rope. They come in three different lengths expressed in centimeters:

  1. 10-12 cm Sling

  2. 17-18 cm Sling

  3. 60 cm Sling

Our Top Picks for Quickdraws and Slings

First, let me say that there are about 5-6 quickdraw and sling manufacturers that dominate the market. Their brands are best sellers and are high quality, high-performing quickdraws, and slings. These five manufacturers make all sizes and types of quickdraws and slings so you won't go wrong with any of them and chances are they will have the exact type you are looking for.


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