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The best Hiking Backpacks for beginners

As you will see, not all hiking and backpacking tents are created equal. The best backpack for a beginner hiker might not be the best for a more experienced hiker. The Teton Scout 3400 is very popular and has been around for a long time. Expert Trekker and backpacker Oscar Brumelis of reviewed this pack and did an excellent job revealing the strengths of this popular backpack for the beginner hiker. I also included his review of the Teton Explorer 4000 because both packs are very similar with a few differences that might make a difference to you! Full transparency here! Some items you will see reviewed on this site are not reviewed exclusively by me. I don't have expert knowledge (meaning experience) with ALL of the items I review. However, I scour the Internet and talk to my hiking and backpacking friends (like Oscar Brumelis) and other industry colleagues to find the best information possible before I recommend important hiking gear like backpacks and hiking shoes., For example, When I wanted to get information on the best backpacks, I called and spoke to the Founder of The Broke Backpacker, Will Hatton. Will has hiked and Trekked all over the world and knows a thing or two about outdoor gear. He told me that in his ten years of backpacking and trekking, the best backpack in his opinion is the Osprey line. In particular, the Osprey Aether series packs.

Teton Scout 3400 backpack
Teton Scout 3400 Backpack

Teton Explorer 4000 Backpack
Teton Explorer 4000 Backpack


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