Image by Clay Banks

Steliko Lookout I

Steliko Lookout is a wonderful, scenic, place unless you live less than 10 miles from it like I do. Then it's just a...wonderful and scenic place you can visit anytime you want. The Steliko Lookout sits at an elevation of 2,586 feet in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

Built in 1947, the lookout was used by Forest Service personnel until the 1990’s. The peak is still used by staff during emergencies to get a view of the surrounding area. The lookout is accessible by SUV or four-wheel drive truck from mid-April to mid-November. The road is narrow and steep at the beginning. After a moderately difficult hike up to the summit, you will find a 16x16 cabin equipped with four foam mattresses, two on regular frames, and two on trundle-style frames. Two foldable tables, a bench with a two-burner propane stove, a heater, refrigerator, broom and a dustpan are provided. There is a Little Buddy heater as a backup to the main heater. If you would like to use this backup heater you will need also bring your own Coleman 16oz steel propane fuel cylinder. At the summit, there is not much level ground around the cabin, but you could find a small space for a tent or two. The brand-new outhouse is located about 120 feet from the cabin. The current, remodeled lookout is one of the few that is close enough to civilization to be wired up to the grid.

There is no official trail on Steliko Point but there is a road that goes all the way to the summit. Although the road will be closed during times of snow, the summit is accessible by foot all year long. For those who prefer not to drive up, the west ridge is a nice easy alternative. Game trails and stock trails can be followed most of the way through open grassy slopes scattered with sage brush.