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Image by Clay Banks

Steliko II

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

I titled this journal entry Steliko II because it was our second trip there. The first visit was last Summer on an 88-degree day. This visit was the exact opposite; 35 degrees and about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Steliko Trail is not an easy hike (at least it wasn't for me!). It's all switchbacks, all uphill for about 2 miles. When you finally summit it's all worth it because of the beautiful views. This year we were quite surprised to see that the cozy two-person cabin had been remodeled with some cool new features including a bed, a very small kitchenette, running water, solar panels, and a new outhouse. 

The Washington Trails Association calls it Steliko Lookout and the views are truly amazing. The lookout sits at the summit at a 2500 ft. elevation. It is a very short hike at only 1.7 miles up, and 1.7 miles down from the summit utilizing switchbacks the entire way. This lookout may be hiked year-round or may be driven to the summit as road conditions and your vehicle's capability dictate. With a relatively low elevation of just over 2500 feet and a short access road of under 2 miles from plowed pavement, this lookout is truly accessible to many regardless of the time of year.

The trailhead is basically an inlet off of Entiat River road mile marker. The first steps you take on the trail are uphill...and so are all the rest! The incline itself is not brutal but it isn't all that easy either. As you near the summit you will start to see the magnificent views of the tiny town of Ardenvoir.

Getting There

Drive Highway Alt-97 to the town of Entiat, from Wenatchee. Note: Do not take highway 97 on the east side of the Columbia River or you will not be able to access Entiat River Road. As you enter Entiat from the south, turn left (west) onto the Entiat River Road.

Drive just over 10 miles on Entiat River Road to the town of Ardenvoir. As you pass this small town watch for a Forest Service compound on the right. Steliko Canyon Road is at this compound, turn right up the canyon and lock your hubs if you’ve got ‘em. And if you need some eats before or after the hike, there is a small corner store called right at mile marker 10 called Cooper's Store. Tell them Kirk the only black guy who's ever been in there says, Hello!! They will know who you mean!

Cooper's corner store
This Cooper store - mile 10 on Entiat River Rd.