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Mad River Trail Hike- Entiat WA. Memorial Weekend 2021

Updated: Feb 28

Mad River is beautiful all year long, but look out for the rattle snakes in the Summer!

When I first started visiting my girlfriend in Entiat I never thought I would ever use the words Entiat and Rattle-snake in the same sentence, but here I am doing in this blog post! , Going hiking to a place where you actually KNOW there are going to be Rattlesnakes is like asking a black man to go scuba-diving in a place known to have sharks. He's just not going to do it. However, as with many things related to hiking in Entiat, I sometimes defer to the knowledge experiences of my girlfriend since that is her home turf so to speak. The turnoff to get to the trail is only 3 miles from her front door! She told me she had been there and never once crossed paths with a Rattlesnake. After a fairly vocal display of cowardice I eventually capitulated. On the way up to the camp site where the trail-head is located i kept twitching my legs in the car. My girlfriend eventually noticed and asked what the heck I was doing. "testing my fast-witch muscles in case I step on a rattlesnake" I answered. I got a swift punch in the arm for that one.

Here are some facts you should know about the area. The Mad River Trail begins at Pine Flat Campground and follows the Mad River for 15 miles to Maverick Saddle, where it connects to the Upper Mad River Trail 1409.1 The trail follows the Mad River through a wild and very scenic area. High water in the spring is often over the trail in several locations. The Upper Mad River Trail #1409.1 has a seasonal closure to bikes and stock.(Horses).

Mad River Trail around 3 miles in. of the 12 mile trail.

For additional information about this hike and surrounding areas see link below:

The Mad River Trail hike is a flat, easy hike and is a great one for beginners. I would suggest it as a Summer hike as many species of the flowers and vegetation don't not bloom until mid-Summer.

Rattlesnakes, yellowjackets, and black bears, oh my!

According to the US Forest Service report, those are the hazards of hiking on this trail. We never say any of the above stated hazards and I am sure if I had known about the yellowjackets and bears in addition to the Rattlesnakes I would have surely chickened out. But it was a beautiful day and the flowers were in full bloom. We even stopped to each lunch in the grass. We did see another couple during the hike and they had dog so I guess dogs are allowed on the trail. .As said above, we didn't see any snakes, bears or yellowjackets, but we did see a deer, a lizard and some really beautiful flowers. Perfect hike for me. .


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