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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

I must admit, when I first became interested in Rock Climbing, Bouldering did not sound very interesting to me, but after going to a few places to give it a try I am convinced it is a necessary part of any good rock climbing repertoire. I now totally get that it is a great way to get exercise and gain strength just like with Trad climbing, and doing it 10 feet off the ground is where is a lot less risky than being 30 feet up on a rock wall. So, if you are into Bouldering, and you live in the Seattle area, there are several places to practice and have fun. The Seattle Bouldering Project is a great place to climb, meet new friends, and also have coffee or a nice cold beer, all at the same time! Well, maybe not at the same time, but during the same visit. SBP offers four different levels of climbing classes (Intro, Bouldering 1, Bouldering 2, Bouldering 3) and if you buy a Day Pass, the class is free. The facility is modern, the equipment is state of the art, and the instructors are great. I was hooked after my first visit. One other cool thing about them is that they are participating in the Climate Strike on September 20th to support our states' courageous youth standing against climate change. If you are interested in visiting the Seattle Bouldering Project click for location and website information.

John at the Seattle Bouldering Project showing some basic rock climbing moves

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