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Best Climbing Shoes for Men

Updated: May 3

The La Sportiva Lace is a durable, yet flexible hard working shoe and our choice for overall best climbing shoe for 2022, Here's why: The La Sportiva Katana Lace is a shoe that will get you into those hard-to-reach climbing pockets and tiny edges. The slightly downturned toe ensures this too, with its subtle asymmetry ensuring perfect hooking every time!

Remember we're all about safety here so make sure to always wear your helmet when out on the rocks or trail - plus it's never fun getting hurt in any way possible (especially at crags). The shoe's material is flexible and breathable, which means that you won't have any problems with your feet sweating or getting irritated. The P3 midsole and heel of this shoe is what really make it stand out. The 4mm Vibram XS edge provides an incredible balance between grip on just about anything, while not having any radical styling or complicated Velcro closures that might take away from its sophisticated look. I was expecting something Innovative but ended up being more impressed by how traditional they kept things!

The Katana is an amazing climbing shoe with the power to match your every move. It shares some of its features from other premium La Sportiva models, like their P3 midsole and Vibram XS Edge rubber which make it perfect for all types of terrain - badging you might say!

Whether you're climbing or just taking a break from belaying, the Katana is an excellent choice for edging. It has Vibram XS Edge rubber that provides a powerful grip and enables controlled cuts with less effort because it feels similar to wearing clay Court tennis shoes! The downturned toe allows your feet better access when engaging on edges while also providing support as well so there's no risk of slipping off - even if things get sketchy outta nowhere (which they often do). And thanks again Team La Sportiva: we wouldn't be able here at Academy HQ without y'all!"

The stiffness in the forefoot is comparable to the time-tested La Sportiva TC Pro, and it shares the same right-angle edges as other models. It also has No Edge technology which allows you to conserve your energy when edging without giving up on performance! The Katana has an extra cavity in the midsole which means it can handle many types of rock more easily than the TC Pro. TC Pro and Stealth are very similar shoes. They both lack any kind of ankle protection, and have an aggressive shape for crack climbing that's more modestly so than what you'll find on other models in this line; but it can make a difference when trying to fit into tiny cracks where thicker soles would be too bulky or just not work at all. The Katana is a shoe that excels in both wide and narrow cracks. We found ourselves reaching for it often when headed out on an all-day multi-pitch climb, with the decision usually coming down to style or size preference of crux moves where you need your feet extra protection from sharp edges!

The Katana is a great choice for techier routes or thinner cracks because of its downturned toe and low profile. If you're going on anything wider than those options though, we usually opt for something with higher soles that provide more stability when walking along steep terrain such as the high tops from brands like Scarpa or Black Diamond. The Katana is our favorite for difficult granite climbs where crack jamming often gets interrupted by technical face or boulder problems.

The Katana Lace is a shoe that will help you to hold on when the terrain gets steep. The tech-fit and medium asymmetry increase its power overhanging edges, making it an excellent choice for those who are exploring new places or need something more than just flat surfaces! The Katana is a great choice for those who want to climb hard, but it's not their only attribute. The shoe has pointy toes which allow you to get into narrow slots in horizontally slotted footholds and a vertical toe profile helps with squeaking tight spaces like when climbing vertically to less than vertical pocketed climbs or cracks.

The Katana provides an excellent level of sensation and connection with the rock. The one exception might be its hard spine, which we don't think reduces sensitivity enough to warrant concern for most climbers who heel hook often in order to do so effectively on steep terrain or overhanging pitches

I am currently using this product and have found it very helpful when working out at home alone without weights since I'm able to use them both gingerly as well as heavily depending upon what kind of exercise routine you're going through but sometimes if your muscles get too sore then taking some time off from climbing can really help bring things back into perspective. La Sportiva's Katana Lace is a climbing shoe that feels surprisingly cushy, even though it has an aggressive look to match. We were convinced they were sized wrong at first because of how comfortable we felt in them while testing out different routes around town but after just one lap our opinion changed! These shoes will be perfect for all your outdoor adventures this Summer.

The Katana is one of the most versatile shoes we tested. It lacks fancy bells and whistles but makes up for this with an unassuming outer appearance that allowed it to cruise up everything our team put against them - even when conditions got tough! Comfort is a huge factor when climbing, you need to be comfortable in your shoes. The Katana Lace provides enough protection so that while jamming or standing just below the crack there's nothing beating up on your toes and they're also flexible with good grip for toe-hooks as well!

The leather upper makes this shoe more durable than most other technical performance-oriented footwear available today but still lightweight at only 8oz per pair.. This shoe is stiff enough to prevent your foot from fatiguing on the big days and takes cracks better than many specialized shoes. From volcanic tuff of Smith Rock, and granite splitters in the Sierra Nevada mountains - this lace can handle any route you throw it! If looking for high-end bouldering or just doing everything else; La Sportive Katana would be a perfect choice.


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