Jinshiwq 80 L backpack

80L Camping Hiking Backpack. Nylon Superlight with Aluminum Alloy Support

Jinshiwq 80 L  backpack

I found the Jinshiwq 80 L backpack on the AliExpress website and it appeared to be a really awesome pack so I did some research to see if it actually was as good as it looked. I decided to start with the construction of the pack. Quality backpacks are crafted using durable materials. Heavy-duty backpacks are generally made of ultra-strong nylon material and YKK-grade zippers and straps of nylon. Nylon and polyester are the most popular pack materials. Heavier fabrics like canvas also make durable bags that will last for years. I found that the Jinshiwq internal frame backpack is made of quality ripstop nylon. While it is not unusual for a hiking backpack to be made of ripstop nylon, it's good to know if yours is or isn't because it will make a difference in the durability department. One good rip from a jagged tree limb at the beginning of a 10-mile hike and you know the difference between the two packs by mile 5 because half your stuff will fall out of the rip that kept ripping on a non-ripstop pack. Ripstop is used in sails, parachutes, and hot air balloons and was originally developed in WWII to replace silk parachutes. I have several backpacks I could also compare to the Jinshiwq and found the nylon was as thick as my more expensive packs.