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How to Choose and Use Quickdraws

Okay, you've bought your climbing shoes, helmet, belay device, chalk, rope and harness. Your almost ready. Now you need to get one of the most important pieces of gear for rock climbing...the quick draws. For you beginners, a quick draw (sometimes called an extender is a piece of climbing equipment used by rock and ice climbers to allow the climbing rope to run freely through bolt anchors or other protection while leading. A quick draw consists of two carabiners connected by a semi-rigid material called a sling (sometimes called the "dog bone). If you would like to see our huge selection of quickdraws, jump on over to our store and take a look!


Below right Matt Groom of Epic TV Climbing shows us the basics of Quick Draws. He talks about the three different categories of quick draws to help you decide which is the best for you. Below left, Julie Ellison of Climbing Magazine gives us a real life demonstration of  the basics of using the quick draw safely out on the rock face. After watching the two vids below and doing some of your own research, click here to find wide variety of quick draws and i am sure you will find the type and brand that are right for you. 

quick-draw for rock climbing
locking quick draw secured to rockface.
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