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2016 Anual Homelessness Conference - Spokane, WA


If you had a chance to read my personal bio on this site you would know that I am involved with advocacy and serving the homeless. My passion for helping others has always been a part of how I live, but that passion was sort of...supercharged when I became homeless myself in 2009. The picture you see below is me testifying at a state hearing on funding for safety net programs that help the poor and homeless in Washington State. 

Me presenting at Olympia at Committee Hearings

“No one chooses to be homeless, but everyone deserves a safe and decent place to call home.” “Homelessness is not a choice, but a consequence of our broken system.” “Homelessness is not just a housing issue, it's a human rights issue.”

Martin Luther Day Conference - Olympia WA.

This group of service providers, homeless outreach workers, and industry professionals gather every year on MLK Day to lobby our lawmakers for legislation that benefits the needy, the homeless, and other vulnerable populations in Washington State.

MLK Day speech4 (1).jpg

Outreach work with the Washington State Lived Experience Coalition in Seattle, WA

McClaslin pic in Olympia (1).jpg

Me meeting with a lawmaker in Olympia, WA

John top of it show pic.jpg

Doing an interview with Jon on the JonTop of it show.

How We Help the Homeless

At HeadPointe, we believe housing is a human right. Everyone deserves to have a roof over their head. That's why we donate a percentage of our profits to the Washington State LEC to help the homeless in our community. So, when you shop with us, you’re not only getting quality products, but you’re also contributing towards a good cause. Shop with a conscience and join us as we do our part to help the most vulnerable in our community. Keep Climbing!

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