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HEADPOINTE was established in 2012 with one mission: to bring a high-quality hiking gear store to the Pacific Northwest. Our passion for excellence inspired us in the beginning and continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves on offering a superior shopping experience and in the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers. Pay us a visit and try for yourself!

When you're going on an outdoor adventure, it's important to be prepared AND to have the right gear for your particular needs. Whether you are Trekking Tour du Mont Blanc, Europe, preparing for a climb at Smith Rock, Oregon, or doing a day hike in Olympic National Park, we have the information you need and the equipment specifically suited for your adventure!  Wherever you go and whatever you do...Find the right gear right here! 


About me

I started hiking and backpacking about 5 years ago. That was when I met my girlfriend, Cristina. She was an avid hiker, runner, workout fanatic, and healthy eater. I was none of those. In fact, I was overweight, out of shape, and getting worse every year. In my younger years, I was an athlete. It wasn't until my late 40's that I stopped working out and started gaining weight. So when my girl and I started working out every day and going running it was like finding my old self again! We also started

backpacking which was new to me, but the more we did it, the more I liked it. I never felt comfortable in the wilderness until she showed me how to appreciate it and contrast it with city life where

sirens, concrete, traffic, and smog are all you see and hear. The novelty of carrying a pack, a whistle, a knife, and what I call my "beatdown stick" made me feel like I was doing something most African American men never do or never choose to do. Learning how to start a fire without matches makes me feel...powerful when I am out camping. Understanding GPS navigation and terrain gives me confidence that I know what I am doing out there. There is no better feeling than being out in the wild and not feeling like prey. 


I started HeadPointe because I wanted to chronicle my experiences as an African American hiker, backpacker, and rock climber. Not all my experiences are earth-shattering, but they give me the opportunity to share the beauty of nature from my unique point of view with my readers. The products I sell on this site are always tested and tried by me (and other experts I've gotten to know) before I recommend them. I write and share with the hope that it will inspire someone to get off the couch and experience life to the fullest degree possible for them and to provide great outdoor products so they can do it safely and have fun. Life is short. Keep climbing! 

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