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Our Vision

At HeadPointe, we believe that regardless of age, culture, race, gender, socioeconomic status, or experience level, everyone should be able to enjoy outdoor adventures. Historically, African Americans and other racial minorities have not had equal access to outdoor recreation, such as hiking, backpacking, and camping. That’s why we are dedicated to providing encouragement, motivation, and, most of all, high-quality gear and accessories at a reasonable price so that people of color can experience the outdoors on par with other ethnic groups. Join HeadPointe as we celebrate the beauty and vastness of nature that exists for all of us to experience and enjoy!

Kirk McClain, Founder & Owner of HeadPointe

Kirk McClain, HeadPointe Founder

Why I Created HeadPointe


When people ask me why I created HeadPointe, I tell them I didn't create HeadPointe, HeadPointe created me. But before HeadPointe ever existed, I noticed every time I went hiking, backpacking, or camping I rarely if ever, saw anyone that looked like me. I've dealt with walking into rooms full of people and being the only person of color in that room my whole life. Most of the time those were rooms where I was powerless to change who was there. With hiking and camping, it doesn't have to be that way. Outdoor recreation is open and free to all, yet African-Americans make up only 4% of people who hike and backpack. I use my voice and this site to tell the world that people of color can and should enjoy outdoor recreation just like anyone else. The beauty of nature and the vastness of the wilderness is for all of us to enjoy. So let's all enjoy it...together. Keep Climbing!

—Kirk McClain, HeadPointe Founder

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